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curiosity and the catechism

high on sodium vapor

radical adults

why god made buttermilk

catalan dispatches

presentations and svg

-*- text -*-

foreign interfaces

bread crumbs

fold, xml, presentations

documenting language bindings


happy birthday gnome!

go put it in a washing machine

monday evening dispatches

random things

brought to you by torres viña sol


I'm telling you

allocate, memory (part one of n)

allocate, memory (part 2 of n)

object closure and the negative specification

spamming the world into submission

iraq veterans against the war; guile-vm

stable guile-gnome released

guile ? clutter ? quoi ?

introducing griddy

breaking silence, innocuously

dispatch strategies in dynamic languages

dynamic dispatch: a followup

guile bar mitzvah

barna dispatch

((lambda (x) ((compile x) x)) '(lambda (x) ((compile x) x)))

git and bzr

a brief history of guile

visualizing statistical profiles with chartprof

ecmascript for guile

call/cc and ecmascript

notes from the city margins

on psyntax

international lisp conference 2009 -- day one

international lisp conference -- day two

international lisp conference 2009, day three, part 1

the very merry month of may

poverty, riches

hospitalized for approaching perfection

the good hack

goto 1965

wikipedia & guile

case-lambda in guile

optionals, keywords, oh my!

class redefinition in guile

in which our protagonist forgoes modesty

maxwell's equations of software

twenty ten

sidelong glimpses

guile and delimited continuations

recent developments in guile

code not burgers

meta data

on the new posix

types and the web

gnu at fosdem

guile 2.0 is out!

ports, weaks, gc, and dark matter

/usr/local, fedora, rpath, foo

bart and lisa, hacker edition

storage primitives for the distributed web

new beginnings

value representation in javascript implementations

what does v8 do with that loop?

V8 is faster than GCC

on-stack replacement in v8

security implications of jit compilation

guile 2.0.2: building the guildhall

v8: a tale of two compilers

static single assignment for functional programmers

to guadec!

the gnu extension language

partial evaluation in guile

the user in the loop

JavaScriptCore, the WebKit JS implementation

fscons 2011: free software, free society

eval, that spectral hound

unexpected concurrency

palindromically delimited carnival

for love and $

an in-depth look at the performance of guile's web server

the merry month of ma

doing it wrong: cse in guile

inline cache applications in scheme

dltool mines dwarf

quasiconf 2012: lisp @ froscon

an opinionated guide to scheme implementations

knocking on private back doors with the web browser

closedgl particle simulation in guile

on generators

scheme quiz time!

a register vm for guile

a continuation-passing style intermediate language for guile

elf in guile

compost, a leaf function compiler for guile

stack overflow

effects analysis in guile

flow analysis in guile

on gnu and on hackers

revisiting common subexpression elimination in guile

on yakshave, on color, on cosines, on glitchen

scheme workshop 2014

there are no good constant-time data structures

cps soup

loop optimizations in guile

developing v8 with guix

type folding in guile

two paths, one peak: a view from below on high-performance language implementations

embracing conway's law

the half strap: self-hosting and guile

unboxing in guile

talks i would like to give in 2016

guile compiler tasks

a lambda is not (necessarily) a closure

concurrent ml versus go

is go an acceptable cml?

An incomplete history of language facilities for concurrency

it's probably spam

guile 2.2 omg!!!

growing fibers

a new concurrent ml

instruction explosion in guile

design notes on inline caches in guile

lightweight concurrency in lua

lightening run-time code generation

fibs, lies, and benchmarks

lessons learned from guile, the ancient & spry

a baseline compiler for guile

sign of the times

guile's reader, in guile

cross-module inlining in guile


blocks and pages and large objects

an optimistic evacuation of my wordhoard

unintentional concurrency

coarse or lazy?

just-in-time code generation within webassembly

ephemerons and finalizers

are ephemerons primitive?

a simple semi-space collector

we iterate so that you can recurse

i'm throwing ephemeron party & you're invited

ephemeral success

parallel ephemeron tracing

three approaches to heap sizing

whippet: towards a new local maximum

sticking point

approaching cps soup

on safepoints

requiem for a stringref

i accidentally a scheme

whiffle, a purpose-built scheme

a whiff of whiffle

tree-shaking, the horticulturally misguided algorithm

a simple hdr histogram

sir talks-a-lot

scheme modules vs whole-program compilation: fight

micro macro story time

on the impossibility of composing finalizers and ffi

on hoot, on boot

growing a bootie

hoot's wasm toolkit

cps in hoot

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