another (turkey) bites the dust

recent past

Miyamoto sensei came to town to last weekend to teach an aikido seminar, as he has for the past four years or so. I found a nice article on him chez Takezo, which captures much of the spirit of such events, in text and video.

Between sessions on Saturday, I zipped by the Boquería to pick up the 5.6-kilo turkey. Hoo boy. We cooked and ate it on Sunday, which was a most delightful dress rehearsal. I made a stuffing with leeks, almonds, and figs -- and eggplant instead of old bread. It turned out great, much better than I thought it would. Who knew?

Though, what the hell is up with my friends? I told people that food would be ready between 3 and 4, and the first people (out of 15) show up at 4:30. Being in Spain only explains so much.

near future

Tomorrow I catch a plane to the states for the real deal -- my first Thanksgiving in the states since 2001. Yay for winter cooking, in which every pot contributes to the condensation on the inside of the windows.

(Not that I'm going to turn this thing into a confession booth, but I do admit a bit of ill feeling towards eating animals. But turkey smells so magical...)

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