pompous notes from the passive tense

In the smoky corner of a neighborhood bar, a tarball was rolled, the first Guile-Gnome release to be API and ABI stable; alack, bugs. Publicity was held, is held at bay, until a time of fixage.

A printed and painted certificate arrived via personal courier from Japan, along with a yudansha passport. The latter was carried to the mediterranean island of mallorca, upon which it was signed, after sufficient asskicking. (Asskicking, verb, transitive: kicking of my ass by others, but mostly by the mat; see also: unyielding.)

A new flatmate's arrival was noted upon return from the island. Said person claims to be a Breton but has yet to proffer the galette. Meanwhile, the others comen, cagan, mean, y un poquito más.

2 responses

  1. Thomas Thurman says:

    I have made it my mission in life to chase down people and throw fruit at them until they understand that the passive is not a tense.

  2. wingo says:

    Oh dear, caught in fraganti. Let us eat fruit while waiting for this one to scroll down into the past.

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