si cuela, cuela

I'm the one with the fro
(4.5 MB, 0m:50s, ogg; alternately, a lower-quality avi)

I passed!

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  1. leifinator says:

    huzzah ! congratulations !

  2. Thomas Vander Stichele says:

    Looks good! But why do they all look like they want to fall? Are you actually doing anything to them ?

  3. wingo says:

    Mr Vander Stichele! They love the ground. Some of them I had not practiced with before and were a bit uncomfortable. But there were a few that hung on and I got to have some fun with :)

  4. John Borwick says:

    Nice! Congratulations on your black belt! I'm excited to be commenting on your guile-powered blog.

    p.s. your blog was not happy with my normal e-mail address, which has john_borwick on the left-hand side.

  5. wingo says:

    Thanks John! And thanks for the bug report. Time to make the regexp a little less fascist, eh :)

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