4 October 2007 3:21 AM (scheme | texinfo | presentations | keys | torpeza | freiburg)

in which our protagonist locks himself out of his house

After a pleasant aikido session, in which our protagonist got his ass kicked by his instructor, young Mr. Wingo found himself locked out of his house. Holes have been appearing in the right front pockets of this gentleman's trousers, the key pocket, pant by pant, leaving our plucky subject to port his house-keys in bags and other objects that detach from his person, a fact lamented as the phone to his flatmates rang on and on.

Stoically our protagonist ducked into the local bar, at which point both flatmates finally got back. A buzz on the door y comieron perdices.

Moral of the story: when in doubt, bar?

in which the third person is abandoned

The Scheme Workshop last weekend was great. Got to meet lots of intelligent and interesting people, and my paper was well received. Slides here, along with some minimal notes.

I made the slides with guile-present from bzr, which requires guile-cairo and the new guile-rsvg. The actual slides were written in texinfo (a civilised format), which guile-present parses and transforms using guile-lib. A metacircular work.

Also: Freiburg is beautiful. Who knew? I'd love to go back sometime and poke around the black forest. Kind folks too, with a predilection for umlauts and bewindering compound words.

6 responses

  1. ken says: which our protagonist, Mr. Wingo, has trouble with key extension, twice.

  2. wingo says:

    Yow, very subtle, Ken!

  3. Fatal says:

    Regarding your slides.... Adobe Reader 7.0 (on Windows) doesn't seem to be able to parse the PDFs properly.
    Error message translates to something like "Could not find extended graphics mode with name s2144367116" which I get when I switch to page 2. All pages are empty...

  4. ken says:

    Don't feel bad. Our senseis can't ever unlock the dojo door. There's something about aikidoka and locks...

  5. wingo says:

    I believe I have fixed the PDF. Please comment or send me an email if it's still broken; thanks for the feedback!

  6. b-b-b-barcelona -- andy wingo says:

    [...] In our last episode, I had posted some slides from the last Scheme Workshop in some kind of invalid PDF format; seems to have been a cairo bug. With a newer cairo, I remade the slides. Please let me know if they still broken. Kthx! [...]

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