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I have been a creature of the machine lately. My current project is Guile profiling, but it proves to have many distracting components. For example:

cumulative   self      total
 percent    percent    calls    file:function
   17.81     15.94       4200   gc-card.c:scm_i_sweep_card[/opt/guile/lib/]
 1272.79      7.47      74218   eval.c:ceval[/opt/guile/lib/]
    7.13      7.13     491863   ???:pthread_getspecific[/lib/]
    6.19      6.19     191068   ???:pthread_mutex_lock[/lib/]

I wrote a callgrind format parser in Scheme, which produces what to me are more readable summaries. A bit pointless but interesting.

In the same vein, envious of the benchmark graphs of bazaar, I made a hack to make charts in Guile, using Guile-Cairo (of which I released version 1.3.91). I probably wouldn't have done it if my Gnumeric didn't have some kind of endianness problem with its colors, but I'm pleased with how things turned out.


Time passes too quickly to write about it! Climbed pedraforca, in a trip in which the mountain gods did smile upon us. Left my camera in the car, what a fool I am.

Last weekend was beautiful, my first time in Italy, meeting up with a friend in Florence. My robot overlords have not allowed me time yet for picture-postage, but they will relent yet.

Not until after this weekend though: the third year in a row in which I'll be able to catch Peter Bernath, and then in the afternoons I have my first sailing lessons. A bit absurd to fill the time so much, but it will be a pleasant change from the bar--recover-from-bar cycle.

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  1. Rob says:

    Your hacks are pretty cool, they make me want to learn lisp.

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