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Greetings gentle reader, I offer these poorly connected vignettes for your eyes' consumption.


My friend Colin just came out with a new album, Soukha. He gave me that link a couple weeks ago, but I still haven't been able to listen to it on the web site because I don't have a Flash player. Today I realized that I have his mp3's from somewhere else, put them on, and was more than duly impressed. Hotness! People should tell him how awesome he is. I think stylistically it's closest to Gotan Project. Very diggable.


I released a new version of guile-gnome-platform today, the first in over a year and a half. Release notes to the mailing list. Feels pretty good to get that one out the door.

I started updating the GStreamer bindings as well. They are available from bzr only, at the moment, pending a release when things are working OK. Already caps and structures are fine, including all of the valued types like int ranges, fractions, fraction ranges, and fourcc's. Today I got miniobjects working, a new fundamental classed type. Now that Guile is fully multithreaded, except for GC, I have a fighting chance of getting callbacks from threads to work as they should. Then I release and the world of scheme+gstreamer hackers rejoices. (Currently when you drive through this world the sign reads "Population: 1".)

gnome foundation elections

The GNOME foundation board elections are upon us, and after renewing my membership I cast my ballot, for a mix of people. The candidates were pretty good this year. May the most voted for persons win?


The cold snapped about a week ago. Brr!


Thanksgiving came and went this year again, and two turkey carcasses were carried out my door. Things went pretty well, with about 35 people showing up in my flat, with a continuous eat-drink-eat-again cycle going on for about 10 hours. Good times! Also this was the first year that I wasn't scared of the turkey. On the flip side I see the tendons in my arm in a different light.


Went to Mallorca a couple of weekends ago for an Aikido seminar with Yamada Sensei of New York. I'd have liked to have seen more of the island; as it was it was a loop of train-eat-drink-sleep. Also good times, that seems to be the theme of this burst-o-blog.

Upcoming: Christmas in Belfast/somewheres around there, a new year turning. GOOD TIMES

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