feverish days, sleepless nights

The oral thermometer I nicked from the Peace Corps was reading 40 this morning. I begrudgingly chose metro over bike today, didn't go to aikido, and still feel like crap. Come on body, don't you know it's Sant Joan tomorrow, and GUADEC the week after that, and you have a lot of crap to do tomorrow!

But no, attempts to sleep at a prudent hour seem to elude me. So then, tidbits, dear readers, tidbits it is!


Peter Bernath came for an aikido seminar last weekend, as he did last year. Intensity! After the weekend I had to spend most of Sunday afternoon lazing on the floor. I had a delightful listen to Wizard People, Dear Reader while investigating the limits of horizontality.


Finally got the streaming situation together -- in the tent and the three main rooms, there will be cameras streaming during the whole week. During the three main days I'll make sure the archives get rotated so that we can get them up on the web quickly. So, if you wanted to see a talk in the After Hours set, rest assured. If the network is working, you'll be live. Perhaps more interesting are the hackfests that will fill the blank spaces, that with the camera they can have a stronger virtual component. BECAUSE THAT IS JUST HOW WE ROLL.

seen on the internet

Yow is the new lorem ipsum.


It seems persons with my last name will henceforth all be movie stars. I'll let y'all know how that works out ok!

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