buggin out

Sitting at home, actually bouncing around listening to Nada Surf's delicious album Let Go, waiting for planes to bring me a couple of friends from the states.

Workwise I finally got Flumotion working with GStreamer 0.9. A tough month all in all, but the actual changes aren't so large. We plan to support both versions (that is to say, 0.8 as well), being able to choose at runtime which one you want to use. New things will mostly land on the 0.9 side though (RTP streaming, different formats, ...).

Otherwise I have no capacity to hack at home -- programming at work is quite enough already. I would also like to note that I have vetted two more movies for extreme badness, Mel Gibson and Jesus Against the Extraterrestrials I mean Signs, and My First Movie I mean Bankok Haunted. There is no need to see them. Damned flatmates.

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