31 August 2004 5:50 PM (random | namibia | scheme)


It turns out you can't throw exceptions across GObject-based code. This meant I had to refactor a lot of the GUI, but it's finished. The upside is that I can't crash it anymore.

I was using the GIMP today, and it started to piss me off a bit -- so many windows, just cluttering up my desktop. I just changed soundscrape to add a tab for each new source window, so the interface is looking more and more like gedit. The difference is, soundscrape is alive: the listener can do anything, source files can actually be executed, etc.

Development with dynamic languages is a qualitatively different experience. With C, your app is dead as soon as you compile it. For instance, I can't extend evolution without making dynamic language bindings, as much as I'd like to change some of the key bindings. With a dynamic language like scheme or python, you can add whole new chunks of functionality, and do so interactively. I can't imagine making GStreamer apps in C anymore. I won't do it! (Unless someone pays me nicely ;-)


We're in the middle of the dry season. Apparently God isn't aware of that. The drops started last night, tentatively, then the swollen heavy ones, then the rest of them poured down. It wasn't so heavy, but a tin roof amplifies the intensity. Rain smell wafted in through the window, and the earth has been refreshed. I'm walking barefoot today.


Those few of you reading this on the main site have probably noticed some changes. I re-added the search bar, category list, and link list, and will flesh out the links as time goes on. I made the permalink pages show the track/pingbacks again, although I'm still not taking direct comments. The about page has been updated, after a four year lapse, and I'm starting to work on the photos.

I'm trying to get my life organized a bit. I leave in December, and it would be nice to have job prospects by then.

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