11 July 2004 6:13 PM (namibia | scheme)

the horn of plenty

I've read SICP many times. Each time I reach a point of acceleration, followed by a realization that I don't understand what's going on. Thankfully, that point keeps getting pushed further back in the book -- it's somewhere in chapter 4 or 5 now.

The recent epiphany was about accumulate, otherwise known as fold-right. I only understood it after I used fold a number of times in my own code.

Maybe I should be doing the exercises instead of just reading them.


While trying to write the WP-advogato plugin, I found myself reading the PHP security documentation. At the bottom of the intro page, it speaks of a tradeoff between freedom and security. I began thinking about languages from an ACLU perspective: which language is an Ashcroft, which is a libertarian, etc. C is definitely libertarian!


What to say? The days are blowing away with the wind. Whoooosh. We're climbing out of winter here. Still, I put on thick socks this morning. 5 months until my job here is done. Incidentally, I'll be unemployed then. "I'm good!", he says. "Hire me!" "Whoooosh," the wind replies...

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