liquid from the sky

1 February 2004 12:53 PM (namibia | scheme)


Trying to finish a book on Oshiwambo, a language used here in the north of Namibia. It's looking pretty good. We're so confident (or arrogant?) about its quality that when we choose words to describe parts of the grammar, we're choosing them for posterity's sake. The words we choose will be the words people (foreigners learning Oshiwambo) will use. An odd position.


The decision was made a while ago, we're using arch with read-only CVS. But we're having trouble finding a home for the archive. doesn't do sftp access, as far as I can tell, and gnome doesn't want to have dynamic content on

guile-gnome's a gnu project, arch is a gnu project, and gnu can't host. The bindings are for gnome, and gnome can't host. What's a brother to do?


Is good.

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