farther on, still go farther

3 October 2003 7:12 AM (namibia | scheme)


Still working on guile-gobject, off and on. It's now a GNU project, which makes development a bit interesting. We don't have any releases out yet as GNU software, but that's coming soon, hopefully.

There are two interesting developments on that front. First, Guile 1.8 will support multiple pthreads within guile. Of course there's locking during GC, but that development pleases me: you can handle callbacks from other threads without having to worry about a global interpreter lock. This bodes well for gst-guile especially.

Second, I just hacked out some libglade bindings, complete with glade-xml-signal-connect and glade-xml-signal-autoconnect. It only took three or four hours to do, too. I dig this project!

soundscrape progresses, although I need to commit some things. The music model is proving very interesting to work on, although I need to finish an enveloptor (to cause sounds to have a physical end) and a spawner (to spawn new events at timed intervals) to make sounds.

Also, I think me and Iain will be sharing (read: I'm stealing ;) some of the backend code from his Marlin project. I'm super-excited about that: the user can spawn a dynamic synthesis network and view/edit the output in a Marlin window. Rawk!


The learners are learning, and the teacher is teaching. I'm also excited on this front -- it's true what they say, teaching is all about relationships. Although one boy was using the magnifying glass to burn people today and a couple of his victims have blisters (!). These kids!


Hard to believe, at the end of the month I'll have been in Africa for a year. It's a nice place. I think I'll stay another year at least.

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